Sharing Files Online

As a weekend project, thought of doing something about geo location and sharing files across without any huddle of registration cookie & so on.

a simple online platform to share your files to your friends & known one with full anonymity. the file will be stored for a week, based on the free space provided by my hosting service and for IP I am using which allows 45 requests per minute with out any registration. really cool

you can use this if you prefer, nothing new or innovative, just in 2 days thought of testing my programming skill with this experiment..

Android Mobile Development Performance Considerations

I was working for one of my client to review & validate the mobile application & the weird performance issues on specific devices. the code is written with specic set of audience in mind & no other consideration is made.

While debugging, below points should be considered

  1. What the minimum API support provided
  2. Target build
  3. Right layout strategies
  4.  32 bit or 64 bit processor
  5. Code based consideration in the coding approach
  6. Right event subscription model
  7. Right dispose strategy
  8. Meaningful & reasonable resource assessment.

above points & the thought process around this will mitigate much of the performance issues that we wouldn’t anticipate.

Android Profiler using Android Studio – Used For Xamarin Too

Always there is a necessity to work on performance issue, and when it comes to mobile device its very demanding.

Also when working with xamarin developer still thinks they are still in the android echo system, but the code gets transmitted to  Android ot iOS echo system & monitoring the performance & the bottlenecks becomes much harder to investigate.

Visual studio provides an inbuilt profiler but with a catch it comes only with enterprise license.  but most of us came to xamarin thinking its open source now & free tier service & support echo system is available in the market.

So android studio comes to rescue, so we can load the signed apk generated from the xamarin build & load into the android studio profiler and view the performance metrics on each activity & specific action.


in the next blog, I will try to explain the details of monitoring and performance consideration.


GeoIP – geolocation from IP

I was trying to capture all user traffic and their geolocation, upon experimenting I came to a understanding of this functionality and did a very simplified explanation here in case if anyone is interested…

Before getting started, basic understanding about actors in this hierarchy is vital..

IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority): is a department of ICANN and American non profit organisation, responsible to oversee few internet function of which primary is the IP Address allocation.

RIR (Regional Internet registry): The whole world internet IP Address allocation is governed and managed by 5 RIRs which is geographically separated into 5 segments. among various tasks this is responsible for maintaining who is database as well. NRO is another governing group which combines this 5.. to know more simple bing or g search will provide result…

ISP (Internet service provider):  is an organization that provides services accessing and using the Internet to the ENd user. This is a very basic description, more details can be obtained by search..

Now we know the participants, lets see the flow how the IP Allocation is defined..

Step 1:  IANA through some process validate & defines possible IPs that can be used in Internet.

Step 2: Now Range of IPs are assigned to each RIRs, which is even at continent scope..

Step 3: Now the RIRs. in turn assign these IPs segment to ISP

Step 4: ISPs assign these IP Address to the consumer device.

Finally, Not all consumer IP addresses are mapped by ISPs and so the address will end up being the ISPs  address.

To my understanding, GeoLocation providers like maxmind might get thier data mostly by mining who is details… but still there may be some sources which I may not aware.. some one who can extend this or comment please do..

A7 Photogallery CMS – Mobile first, No database, json based…

Earlier I hosted my personal web on,  through which I get to host my personal photo gallery app which is also reasonable mobile responsive. so I was using that as my personal photo gallery app instead on relying of social network..

recently moved my hosting from to to take advantage of some of the hosting options and pricing. though I get lots of benefits the crucial option I miss is the photo gallery app that I was using in

So now with as host company I searched for simple photogallery app to host my photo collections and publish my mobile hybrid app to consume the url. so the internal family can use this as a medium to share the moments without social media invasion..

the search begins.. but in vein.. it may be my lack of search ability or the gallery CMS are very old & non responsive & not mobile friendly.. so decide to write one for me and even to publish as a free public tool.. incase anyone interested…

Now comes the free a7 photo gallery application..

fully functional with asp .NET hosting implementation & android app client.. still php based hosting & iOS wrapper development is in progress….

contact me if you have any quries..


matter js – physics 2d engine

exploring for past few years to understand a js game engine, and integrate the cool gaming features in the regular application. so the final piece I am convinced right now is with matter js. tried some sample from demos & documentation (the links below)