A7 Photogallery CMS – Mobile first, No database, json based…

Earlier I hosted my personal web http://www.immanuel.co on https://www.one.com,  through which I get to host my personal photo gallery app which is also reasonable mobile responsive. so I was using that as my personal photo gallery app instead on relying of social network..

recently moved my hosting from one.com to https://www.mochahost.com/ to take advantage of some of the hosting options and pricing. though I get lots of benefits the crucial option I miss is the photo gallery app that I was using in one.com.

So now with mochohost.com as host company I searched for simple photogallery app to host my photo collections and publish my mobile hybrid app to consume the url. so the internal family can use this as a medium to share the moments without social media invasion..

the search begins.. but in vein.. it may be my lack of search ability or the gallery CMS are very old & non responsive & not mobile friendly.. so decide to write one for me and even to publish as a free public tool.. incase anyone interested…

Now comes the http://photos.immanuel.co/ free a7 photo gallery application..

fully functional with asp .NET hosting implementation & android app client.. still php based hosting & iOS wrapper development is in progress….

contact me if you have any quries.. raj@immanuel.co


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